Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011's Best!

Fresh and Fantastic!

Everybody loves a fresh start, and this year is going to be the best ever!

How do I know?  Because I have the most magnificent new home, ready for those who like spacious beauty with every delightful feature, including prestige views from three, yes three, balconies! Cook like a chef in the designer kitchen or have your chef serve you in the lovely breakfast nook.  Enjoyment for January includes a wonderful working fireplace, while no matter what the season, there’s easy access to both local delights and to international treats, while a concierge minds everything for worry-free living.

Three bedrooms, three baths, three balconies.  Hardwood floors and more more more.  Spacious (2,425 sq. ft.)  and gracious with room for your baby grand or your baby!

This exceptional and majestic suite is on the 22 nd floor, ready for viewing and for…living!  Here’s to 2011!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Shopping: 25 Broadway! Look Santa!!

Joanne Nevison says:
What ‘s your style?  Cool pared down modern?  Victorian charm?  Classic elegance?
My Style is SOLD!

Santa Baby (with apologies to Eartha Kit)

Santa Baby, I’d like a condo please at 25,
That’s on Broadway, way up in the sky,
It will be lovely to live so high!
So hurry down the chimney tonight!

If you’re Santa, and you want the perfect gift for your sweetheart,
my new 2435 sq ft rarified living space listing at 25 Broadway, on the 22 nd floor (three bedrooms, three baths including luxurious four piece master ensuite) should go under your tree. 

It will more than stuff the stocking, it will be the stocking, the presents and all the dreams for the New Year, in a single magnificent gift!  To your honey and to you too!

Tridel’s excellent reputation in the condominium world is where this suite starts, and the execution and finishes are sublime!  Seriously, though, it’s at Yonge and Eglinton, where boutiques and beauty abound: all that life offers at one’s feet.  With the cost of gas heading up, best to live by a subway, and yet, you’re minutes from the 401 and DVP or the airport:  attention international travelers!

Come by and take a look! Or look out from one of the three balconies! Still time to hang your stocking and one for your sweetheart, Santa Baby!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Cup is Overflowing!

 Take a Look at the Interest Rates!

If you were thinking of buying something, would you prefer to do it with money that you had to borrow at 3% interest or at 11% interest?  You are going to say, of course, the 3%.  That in a nutshell is the reason why the real estate market is still going very well, despite what anyone says.

Yes, there were reasons to be apprehensive:  the advent of the HST, adding more taxes  here and there caused a frisson of worry.  Tightening up mortgage qualification rules along with some hints that rates might rise contributed some fearful moments.  BUT rates did not go up and sales in Toronto continue to be strong.

Example:  A mid-town condo was recently listed at a decent price, something the owner would have been happy to accept.  SOLD! In five days, thousands of dollars over asking. That happy owner had to line up to buy another condominium too.  Why the activity?  Because the opportunity to borrow money at such great rates is just too good to pass up!  Money is cheap right now!

So the glass is still more than half full, and in lots of cases it’s overflowing!  Sales are strong, it’s a great time to sell and a good time to buy.  Here we come for a record breaking year!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Great Reference!

Joanne Nevison’s message is MY STYLE IS SOLD, and she means it!
I am thrilled to say, if you need a real estate agent, you should be working with Joanne Nevision of Johnston and Daniel Real Estate Services!

Joanne sold my home  for 110% of the asking price – a cool $37,000 extra for me. Plus, she did it in only five days.  Everything was better, smoother faster and more fun than I ever would have believed possible.  Joanne gave me excellent advice on how to show my place to best advantage, and was by my side through every step.

Next up, Joanne , after a careful analysis of my needs, took me right to my dream home.  She successfully negotiated the price and my offer and now I am moving within a month.   Her patience, professionalism and friendly manner made the entire buying and selling experience a joy.

I strongly recommend that if you are thinking of buying or selling, you get in touch with Joanne Nevison!  And tell your friends.  You will be happy to work with an agent who can proudly say: My Style is SOLD.

Yours truly,

Darlene Ursulak 

Halloween: Not Scary

Joanne Nevison says:
What ‘s your style?  Cool pared down modern?  Victorian charm?  Classic elegance?
My Style is SOLD!

October 2010

It’s Time to Buy!

BOO!  Did I make you jump?  Halloween is meant to be a scary time: I’m just getting into the groove.

But what is really terrifying is seeing folks forking over cash for something that’s not their own.  Luckily, it’s a perfect, completely non scary, time to start putting your dollars into something that’s yours: time to buy a home!

Have you looked at mortgage rates lately?  They’re at a record all time low!  This is opportunity banging at your door with a sledgehammer! Check it out: there are a number of on-line calculators you can use like this one from TDCanada
Trust . Borrowing $300,000 with a 5 year mortgage, 25 year amortization, the monthly payment is about  $1500 dollars. Clearly it’s time to take advantage of this cheap money and get into the real estate market.  If you’re thinking of moving up, the timing is excellent too!  You’re likely to do better, over the long haul, from investing in a home than say, cranking your cash into stocks and bonds. And you can’t live in a stock certificate!

The thrill of owning your own great home wins out over the thunk of handing over a rent cheque every month.  I am sure your landlord is just so cool. But he she or it can’t offer you pride of ownership, the thrill of knowing this is yours. Owning is sheer joy, it’s not scary at all AND it makes sense with today’s mortgage rates.